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lubricant for pvc pipe

Min Order Quantity: 1 meter

Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

Delivery Time: about 25-30 days

Despriction: plumbing PVC lubricant for pipe and fittings Home What kind of lubricant can I use on PVC pipe and fittings so that I can assemble and disassemble easily. This is a stage made of PVC pipe that must be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.Plumber's silicone grease. Silicone Faucet Grease helps reduce friction and provides longlasting lubrication. The grease is water resilient and ox1Do you want to be able to easily assemble or disassemble or both? there is a problem that the lubricant will also make the stage easy to fall apar0My vote goes to a product called Super Lube . It is PTFE (if you're DuPont you call it Teflon) (Polytetraflouroethylene) and is food grade. It wor0PTFE Oring lubricant works ok on the threads of the Union but can make the outside slippery for a strap wrench so apply carefully0I've been asking the same question for three days. The flexible coupling to join the two ABS section together is too tight to move it down and it splumbing When should pipe dope vs thread tape be used Nov 30, 2012electrical Options for lubricating wires for conduit See more results

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